• Plants from the natural sources are serves for the benefits of man kinds. The medicines that
are carried from natural sources belong to the branch of Pharmacognosy.

• Before only the external morphological characters were used to identify a medicine. At the morning, Pharmacognosy had developed substantially on the botanical side, being particularly concerned with the description and identification of medicines, both in their whole state and in greasepaint form.

• Ultramodern aspects of Pharmacognosy include not only the crude medicines but also their natural ingredients and derivations. The word Pharmacognosy is deduced from the Greek words “ Pharmakon” ( medicine), and “ gnosis” ( knowledge).

• The term Pharmacognosy was used for the first time by the Austrian croaker Schmidt in 1811 and 1815 by Crr. Anotheus Seydler, who first chased this term in his discussion entitled ‘Analecta pharmacognostica’.

• Pharmacognosy is nearly confederated to drug, developed during early 19th century as a branch of Materia Medica and applied biology.

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