Abnormality of lipoproteinemia can be moreover due to increased situations of lipoproteins which is appertained as hyperlipoproteinemia or due to dropped situations of lipoproteins which is appertained as hypolipoproteinemia. The most common type of abnormality is hyperlipoproteinemia.

It’s plant to be the major cause for coronary roadway complaint or atherosclerosis. It can be classified into two types grounded on the cause of pathology.

  1. Primary Hyperlipoproteinemia This is due to disfigurement in the inheritable catabolism.
  2. Secondary Hyperlipoproteinemia This is due to the presence of otherco-morbidities (EgDiabetes, Nephrotic pattern, myxedema) that are associated with elevated lipoproteins.
    WHO-Fredrickson Bracket of Hyperlipoproteinemia This system astronomically classifies hyperlipoproteinemia into five orders grounded on the disfigurement in inheritable metabolism of lipoproteinemia.
    • Type I It’s due to insufficiency of lipoprotein lipase enzyme performing in increased situations of chylomicrons in blood and this leads to acute abdominal pain.
    • Type II It’s classified as Type Ila and Type Ilb Hyperlipoproteinemia. But Type Ila is most common and is also known as Domestic Hypercholesterolemia. It’s due insufficiency of LDL receptors and results in increased LDL and cholesterol situations. Type Ilb is due to disfigurement in apoB protein performing in raised apoB situations that shoot up the situations of LDL and VLDL.
    • Type III It’s also called Familial Dyslipoproteinemia. This is due to imperfect expression of apoE lipoprotein and there will be increased situations of chylomicrons, intermediate viscosity lipoproteins and triglycerides.
    • Type IV It’s also called Mild Hypertriglyceridemia. In this type; there will be slight increase in the situations of triglycerides. This is the most common threat factor for coronary roadway complaint.
    • Type V It’s nearly analogous to Type I Hyperlipoproteinemia. Both the situations of VLDL and triglycerides increase contemporaneously. So it’s also known as Severe Hypertriglyceridemia. This result in unseasonable coronary vascular complaint.
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