• Volumetric Analysis was first introduced by Jean Baptiste Andre Dumas, a French druggist. It’s a mode of quantitative analysis which is grounded on the determination of the volume of a result of known attention ( standard) needed to reply quantitatively with a result of the substance to be analysed. It’s also known as titrimetric analysis.
• There are numerous different types of titrations that differ by the titrant used and substances that can be determined. While every titration is different, they all partake analogous characteristic-but before we will start to bandy them let’s define several important terms.

Titrate: The Substance to be anatomized is called titrate.
Titrant :The reagent of known attention which is added to the result of the substance to be anatomized is called titrant.
Titration: Wind A plot of result pH versus titrant volume during a titration.
Titration: The process of chancing out the volume of the titrant needed to reply fully with a given volume of result (Titrate) under analysis is known as titration.

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